Let’s say you own a restaurant. You can create an app full of mobile coupons, real-time deals and a digital loyalty scheme in just a few minutes using The App Office builder, and then share it with all your customers. But then what? How do you keep them engaged with the app and, more importantly, coming in to your restaurant?

That’s an easy one – that’s what push notifications are for! They’re a more effective marketing tool than emails or text messages, and if you subscribe to our app creator you can send unlimited push notifications to customers as often as you want.

So what’s a good reason to send a push? There are plenty actually, but here are many instances to send push notifications to drive in more business or protect the business from slow days or even to shift stock.

For example: The sun is unexpectedly shining, and you’re eager to fill up the restaurant’s patio with the after-work crowd, who have been stuck inside an office for the past 8 hours. You know how to get ‘em in, so you send this push:

“The sun is shining so it’s HAPPY HOUR! Come enjoy 2-for-1 cocktails until sundown on our beautiful patio.”

You could have ordered too much stock or the staff have cooked too much food, don’t let it go to waste, send instant messages and let your app users know its time to grab a deal. You’re in control of your app and that’s what makes it fun.


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