When you’re running your own business, every second counts. We at The App Office want to help you to make the most out of your time.

Now when sending or scheduling push notifications on The App Office dashboard, you can also choose to share these notifications on Facebook and Twitter, isn’t that great! While composing your next push notification, be sure to connect to Facebook and Twitter. Not only will your message be sent directly to all your customers mobiles, but it will also be instantly shared on your Facebook and Twitter pages too.

If you want your notification to be shared on your Facebook business page rather than your personal one, that’s easy – just choose the page you want to share to on the drop-down menu before sending or scheduling.

It’s just a small improvement to our service. The more people you engage with using multiple channels, the louder and more resilient the message.

Amplify your most important messages to everyone via as many channels at the same time using just one feature.

Questions about this or anything else? Contact us.

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