Strategic Partner

Our main strategic mobile app partner is Opmen based in Leicester, United Kingdom.



Opmen have been working with us on many projects with and on occasion we also provide them with clients directly that we believe will benefit from their services on smaller custom bespoke projects.  Our partnership has a mutual benefit due to the services we provide to each other, yet we are both independent and this offers greater resilience on large projects that demand wider disciplines.


We often qualify and refer suitable clients for bespoke custom projects to Opmen, but on larger projects, we would offer design, technical specification and project management services, whereas Opmen will deliver the technical products to specifications.  The advantage of having this close alliance allows us to pool multiple skill levels for large complex projects to ensure they are delivered on time successfully.



Opmen have been around for several years working on many well known SME’s and projects app’s like TomTom and have many testimonials to back up their long-standing reputation. They have expert knowledge in creating systems that use RESTful API’s and their attention to detail is second to none.  We enjoy working with them because of their can do attitude and ability to be creative around problems and focus on delivery and basically trust them to do the job right.


Contact us for your project requirements and we can discuss the best course of action to implement your ideas, no matter how complex or simple your project idea we have the team and know how to deliver.