The State of Play for Progressive Web Apps(PWA)

The magic behind Progressive Web Apps? Popular apps like WhatsApp, Twitter(Twitter Lite), Spotify use Electron techto build their desktop versions. With Electron, apps are written using web-based programming languages while at the same time embedding them to make them appear as … Read More

Progressive web apps

The Rise of Progressive Web Apps

What are Progressive Web Apps? The term Progressive Web App (PWA) was coined by software engineers, Alex Russell and Frances Berriman. According to Alex Russell, ‘Progressive Web Apps are just websites that took all the right vitamins.’ It isn’t a … Read More

Rural Service Award Winners – Rutland NHW

Congratulations to our clients, who won the 2018 Rural Service Award at the annual Rural Community Council awards ceremony held in Leicester on the 11th October 2018. Rutland Neighbourhood Watch (RNHW) is a network of approximately 100 autonomous groups of varying size, whose … Read More

Progressive web apps are part of the mobile future

Over time mobile technology has evolved as it tends to do.  It began with mobile friendly websites several years ago, however, they these really didn’t do much besides having“call us” button. Then came responsive websites, which basically takes a website and makes … Read More

Starbucks has got its customers addicted to its App

Now, the coffee giant is having unusual success brewing a new kind of customer ritual. The company said this week that, on average, customers pay for a purchase using a smartphone 7 million times per week, with mobile payments now accounting for roughly … Read More