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There are over 25 App features to choose from to meet the needs of any business or organisation.

Top App Features

Why a Mobile App is Good for any Business or Organisation

Push Notifications appear instantly on a mobile phone and have a 96% read rate compared to 5% with email, and are the most effective way to reach your audience.

The messages tab will display a history of all notifications making it easier to refer back to past messages. Push notifications can populate your social media with the same message.

• Promote your latest events, send news alerts and bulletins in an instant
• Send push notifications any time, anywhere or preferred set times
• Send targeted push messages based on geo-location. Details>
• Allow users to choose which specific alerts they wish to receive – NEW Details>

The New York Times says “Mobile Marketing is the Most Powerful Media Invented!”

With turn-by-turn GPS directions, in-app RSVPs and comment capabilities, your event turnouts will be hitting all-time highs. It’s great for your audience to know all the forthcoming events and plan ahead. The options for this feature are endless and will suit many types of organisations. Plus it allows users to synchronise events into their mobile phone calendar.

A great way to display information about your business or organisation with easy navigation compared to a website.

• Add content information on individual tabs
• Link up reports, newsletters and other material information
• Integrate parts of your existing website pointing to latest news, events or offers

Pack your schedule without picking up the phone. The Reservations feature lets users select an appointment date/time and make payment, cutting down on the back-and-forth and missing that vital call.
No more digging around for that paper stamp-card as this clever feature allows you to stamp the app on the customers phone with a secret code. It’s far more convenient to manage than traditional loyalty cards.

• Reward customers & increase business
• Customise stamp requirements
• Encourages customers to use the app’s other features

The Rewards feature can be presented in three ways:
• QR Codes allows mobiles to scan coupons on location
• GPS Coupons unlock when a customer is within close proximity to your business
• Stamp code is applied to the loyalty card

Rewards and Coupons have proven to increase consumer engagement and are dynamically more manageable as you can create them in an instant.

The new marketing sensation, don’t take our word for it. Read how Starbucks loyalty app has set the standard. Details>

Build your own app store or integrate your existing online store with this simple sales solution. Just refer to Starbuck’s experience and discover why this feature, without a doubt, is a must for any business to jump ahead of it’s competitors. Ideal for takeaways who want to offer an alternative to Just-Eat.co.uk and save money.

• Customise your mobile store with photos & descriptions
• Set delivery fees & tax rates
• Manage your orders through the client panel
• Accept payments via the app

3rd party integrations – Integrate with existing shopping cart and payment providers. For more details on which providers we support, click here

This adaptable email form helps you gather exactly what you need. With custom fields and reworkable content, it’s handy for:

  • Surveys
  • Complaints
  • Feedback
  • Competitions
  • Suggestions

Need a simple way to receive pictures from your community or loyal fans? With the photo feature, submissions are sent directly to your inbox.

  • Encourage app engagement
  • Allow users to instantly submit photos whilst on the go
  • Great for promoting your business or collecting photos from events


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"...the loyalty feature was an instant hit, the app gave the business a boost and it was a great alternatve to Just-eat.co.uk for our regular customers, its fantastic !....thanks"
Kirsty Nottingham, UK
"Our members love the app, especially the notifications... Almost everyone who buys a drink at the juice bar uses the app and its handy for letting members know about classes."
Kath Durham, UK
"Our younger customers being totally mobile, the app has really connected with this age group, who love the app offers, attracting more repeat customers...its great "
James Newcastle upon Tyne, UK