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AppBuilder Basic
PWA - Special Offer expires soon
Progressive Web App compatible with all mobile, tablet & iPad devices.
30 Days FREE Trial
Progressive Web App (Mobile, Tablet & iPad)
Access to All features
Custom Domain + SEO
Secure URL (GDPR) Compliant
App Analytics
Secure Messaging Centre
Marketing Centre
Email Support Only
Includes Payment System
Food Ordering
Custom build for only £99 (optional)
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AppBuilder Premium
Most Popular
Android app, iOS iPhone & iPad app, Progressive Web App with advanced push notifications & management tools.
iOS iPhone & iPad App
Android & Tablet App
Progressive Web App
Advanced Geo-Location Push Messaging
Single Push Notifications (NEW)
Scheduled Push Messaging
Customer Management
Custom Domain
Instant Updates
Secure URL + SEO
App Analytics
Email, Live Chat & Tel Support 24/7
Marketing Centre
Full Training
Custom Build from £199 (optional)
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Fully Managed
Fully built & managed app. Includes all the features of the premium plan.
Custom Built for you
Fully managed
All the features of Premium
Dedicated Account Manager
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Reseller Program
SPECIAL OFFER exp. 30th June'18
Infinite Earning Potential. A complete turnkey white label / Reseller solution to build and sell apps. Unlimited PWA, with 10 iOS & Android apps.
Everything to help you sell Apps
High-Profit Potential
White Label App Builder Platform
Full Brand Control
Marketing Tools & Support Material
Full Technical Support
Full Training
Dedicated Account Manager
Unlimited Progressive Web Apps
10 x Native iOS & Android Apps
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All Plans have unlimited storage, app traffic and push notifications.


30 Days Free Trial on the Basic Plan only. 


Note: *30 Days Money Back Guarantee: only applies to the Premium and Executive packages for businesses and public organisations only and you must supply your own artwork and logo. In the Premium and Executive packages, we will design and build your app ready for you to add your content and manage the app yourself.  The build cost for either the Premium or Executive packages starts at £395.00, which includes the publication fee.  If you wish to build an app yourself and want it published on the app stores it will cost £175 for us to upload due to the administrative process required in light of new app store rules as from 1st Jan 2018. For all customers, a credit card will be required to verify your account and your paid subscription will start immediately.  Training will be offered to help you manage your app. Set Up Costs: mobile app build costs may vary depending on the level of customisation and the solution for your specific sectors. **You will need to set up your own Apple and Google Developer accounts, however, we will upload your app for you saving you time and hassle GeofencingLocation-based targeted push notifications. More details>. No Contract* only applies to the Basic and Premium Executive package for business customers only.
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Frequently asked pricing questions

How do I start?

To order your app simply select the package from the above and enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee, except for the premium packages. For businesses your credit card is required to pay for the set up fee. However, your monthly paid subscription will start after your app is published.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept PayPal, Direct Debit and Credit/Debit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, Delta, Electron, Maestro, American Express). PayPal processes all card payments on our behalf and we do not hold any of your card details. We also offer payment by Direct Debit, Standing Order or BACS if required.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You will always be able to cancel your subscription. If you’re subscribed to a monthly or yearly plan, the app will remain active until the date your subscription expires.  However, if you have more than six months remaining on your yearly plan we can offer a partial refund. See T&C’s. Public sector organisations will generally be offered a 12 month agreement, with a 6 month break-out clause.

What happens when my trial period is over?

At the end of the 30 day trial period, you will automatically start your subscription service with The App Office, unless you cancel your account before the trial period ends. In order to submit your app to the app stores, you must join the paid service, which can be done at any time during your trial period. Progressive Web Apps can be published immediately.

What is the 30 Days Money Back Guarantee?

During the first 30 days or after your app is fully completed and not yet published on the app stores you can cancel and ask for a full refund. However if your app is published on the app stores you can still cancel at any time, but we will not be able to refund any set up costs paid in advance. If your app is unsuccessful in obtaining approval from app stores, we will offer a full refund.

Is there an extra cost to publish my app?

The App Office offer this service for FREE, which is included in your app build fee, however, if you wish to build the app yourself then we do charge £175.00 to publish to both stores. You will now need to open your own Apple developer account as from 1st Jan 2018. We can still publish to Google Play for FREE on our account. If, for any reason you wish to put your name as the app publisher, you will need to open developer accounts both with Apple and Google.  Don’t worry its easy and we will assist.

Why does the premium plan have setup costs?

The App Office team builds your app during which time we consult with you regularly to ensure the app is built according to your design needs.   This process requires effort and we have to charge for this service, however we still charge less compared to other companies.

Are there any hidden charges?

No!  All paid subscription prices (and set-up costs, where applicable) are clearly displayed on this page. However, on the rare occasion you need to change your app icon name or details as displayed on the app stores, we will need to re-publish your app at a cost of £29. See T&C’s.

Can I get help?

Of course! You can reach The App Office support teams which are based in the UK from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (GMT). During the free trial we only provide email support. Telephone call-back and online support is offered to paid subscribers.

What does native app mean?

A native app is an app built with the native language of the device on which it will be installed. For example Apple use IOS and Samsung use Android. This gives the app access to all of the features on the device and delivers optimal user experience. Go to our example pages and see how the app utilises the devices own system.

Mobile web app VS a native app?

A native app belongs to a particular platform, such as iPhone or Android, and is available to download from Apple & Google app stores. However, a progressive web app is designed to work on any device. A web app simply works on any web browser and can easily replace your traditional website. The choice is yours.

Custom app development?

If you have a specific app project that needs more complex or different technologies, for a fixed fee we can complete an app to a suitable design according to your needs within a budget. Please enquire.

I need training

On our premium and executive packages we do offer training on key aspects of app management, however we can manage your app for you. For resellers we do offer on-line or class room based training.

Can I upgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade your account to Premium or Executive at any time, or downgrade from Executive to Premium with 30 days notice.