According to research carried out in the US towards the end of 2014, the most searched industry on mobile devices is in fact Restaurants. From a sample of almost 1,500 smartphone users, a significant 81% searched for a restaurant using their mobile device. In addition to this, over 90% of the customers sampled stated that they searched for a restaurant using their mobile web browser.

Other industries that were left behind included hotels, retail shops and entertainment centres, showing the real value of having a mobile presence for Restaurant owners. With most restaurant searches being made last minute while consumers are already on the move, maybe to meet friends or after work, not having your restaurant listed on the web or within app stores can result in losing out on valuable mobile customers.

Other notable elements from the research found that 75% of consumers confirmed that they chose their restaurant based on the search results. This further highlights the point above that 3 out of 4 customers will select a restaurant due to the fact that it has mobile visibility. In today’s climate of instant gratification, any business, in particular any restaurant that neglects this point is already behind the competition. Furthermore, the research reinforces the message that restaurants need to have their most up to date menu available across all their online platforms – web, mobile web and mobile app. Failure to do this could result in lost sales as consumers will not take the time to visit different platforms just to access a menu. Instead, they’ll choose to move to another competitor.

The rise in mobile technology has provided customers with more choices and options than ever before. Since restaurants are in every city, town and village in the UK, mobile consumers can be more selective about where they choose to visit. Having a mobile footprint and giving customers access to menus and booking facilities will enable restaurant owners to potentially differentiate their business from competitors.

In addition, it opens up the opportunity for many restaurant owners to offer discounts, promotions and loyalty offers directly to their customers. If we then add to the mix features such as push notifications and geo targeted messages, the modern day restaurant has many ways to entice new and loyal customers alike.

As we have seen throughout this blog, the world around us is changing and mobile technology really is the future. Why delay getting a mobile app?

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