According to statistics from an e-marketer report it has been predicted that by 2016 the UK’s advertisement spending is to reach £4.5bn. This figure has gone way ahead of the £3.8bn budget that was anticipated for television advertisement in the same year.

This year there is also going to be an increase in the growth percentage for mobile advertisement with a maturing rate of 96% to £20.0bn. This prediction is close to the figure that was predicted for newspaper advertisements of £2.06bn. This highlights how well the mobile advertisement industry is doing. According to reports, the outburst in mobile-owners will also aid in growing the advertising market further to £3.2bn in 2015. Reports from e-marketer also emphasised that the prosperous growth in mobile advertisement is not showing any sign of reducing as there is a prediction of a 38% rise in this sector in 2016.

With the economy being resilient and with the increase in consumer spending towards digital products such as TV and Radio, in result this will help to identify the progress towards total media and spending. The intense growth in the mobile and video advertisement expenditure will increase digital add spending throughout the forecasted period. As mobiles and digital are thriving in growth, at the other end of the spectrum other channels are losing advertisement revenues. According to e-marketers predictions the total UK ad market across all media will increase to 6.6% this year up to £15.1bn.

With this being the case, there has never been a better time to take advantage of the monetization of your app. By including advertisements in your app you can potentially generate an additional income stream as well as giving your customers that crucial mobile experience. 

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