We are now surrounded by mobile phones, from every part of life. The mobile phone industry is worth £100.5 billion pounds and the current market trend predicts that the market is still growing.

Gone are the days of Yellow Pages and Thomson Directory, they did not see it coming. More and more people are using their mobile phones for whatever they need. Statistics show that the average user in Britain picks up their mobile device more than 1,400 times a week and many use the phone to carry out a hundreds of task each day.

Do Businesses Want To Be Noticed By Their Customers?

Without doubt the benefits of a good business app is becoming a hot new trend, as some small businesses are starting to recognise that the majority of people will always have their mobile phones switched on and at hand a significant part of the day, so it’s an obvious way to target customers via their phones.

Not thinking you need a business app, does not make commercial sense, to be blunt!

What Can Your App Do For a Business?

Mobile apps are ideal for any small business to create smart marketing campaign using a mobile app at a fraction of the price. A business app can serve to send out information about their business, price lists, upcoming events, loyalty programs, mobile shopping carts, promotions, news feeds as well as receiving customer feedback which is key in continuing to grow. A core feature is that it gives their customers access to information whenever they want, literally at their fingertips and for you as a business to create campaign in an instant, without having to spend time waiting for printers and signage makers to promote your brand. Think about it, it’s a heat wave, what’s faster an instant push notifications send out to all your customers, or making up a poster and some leaflets, which will arrive when the heat wave if offer.

Don’t delay get ahead of your competition now, show you customers you are always accessible, have the latest offer and always tuned in and switched on!





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