We wanted to know exactly how mobile apps are helping small businesses and how they are getting on and with their apps, the results are as follows…

  • 4 out of 5 small business owners think having a mobile app makes them look good.
  • Improved customer perception is seen as the biggest overall benefit.

Top specific business benefits are:

  • Improved customer engagement (43%)
  • “Making the business look cool” (25%)
  • Helping to retain customers (12%)

Note: The App Office has yet to target many businesses and organisations, so we have selected the popular sectors we target at the moment….

Food and drink businesses

77% of business owners say having an app has had a positive effect on their bottom line.

13% claim it makes their customers happier.

43% say having an app has made their customers more engaged.

Hair and beauty businesses

75% of owners believe their app helps them to look good in the eyes of their customers.

81% of hair and beauty businesses say having an app has boosted their finances.

35% say in-app click-to-call features have been particularly helpful.

Health and fitness businesses

79% of businesses feel that their app has improved the way their customers think of them.

47% of those investing in a mobile app say it has helped them improve how they communicate with their clients, through push notifications and in-app emails.

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