For any non-profit organisation, social media is an incredibly powerful tool to get the word out about the benefits of your app.  After all, you’re not selling a product, but something that will benefit your community so it’s easier to rally support and encourage others to spread the word. Twitter is the easiest form of marketing.

Getting the most out of social media requires a little work and diligence because there is a specific technique when constructing an effective tweet and the eventual rewards are potentially enormous.

Some of our clients have successfully increased downloads of their app by promoting it on social media like Twitter using our tips.  Social media should be part of your overall marketing strategy.

Your app is an advanced mobile communication tool with smart features that your residents can appreciate if they know it exists.  Importantly, you must keep your app updated, make it engaging with details of events or the latest news and backed by push notifications that will retain a premium spot on peoples phones, who in kind will spread the word about your amazing app.

Those that promote their app well in some instances have commercialised their app so that members of the community who wish to promote their events or causes can use your app.  Afterall, once it becomes the voice of your community, it becomes quite an attractive communication tool.

Five essential tips to get the most out of Twitter when promoting your app or cause.

1. Optimise your Twitter bio
Your bio is the first place that people look, so it’s a great opportunity to place a picture of your app in the header and mention the app in your bio, including a web URL link that leads to the app stores.   See example

2. Use the right hashtags and names
These 2 important ingredients give your tweet the ability to go viral.

  1. Hashtags # – Use hashtags in your tweets, Twitter users who are searching for content on specific topics can find your tweets and potentially follow you. If you don’t use any hashtags then your Twitter marketing won’t be effective.  Look at the most popular keywords often used in your area, eg, the name of a place, charity, club, radio or event.
  2. Twitter name@ – It’s ideal to include popular account name, because they too may retweet for their followers. Use the search bar to find popular Twitter account names in your area that are always updated with lots of followers. Record the @Name. (type your area name in the search bar and hopefully the name of local twitter accounts will appear)

Enter the hashtags# and twitter names@ at the end of your tweet, remember to insert 1 character space between each hashtag or twitter name. See below an example of a well-constructed tweet.

3. Insert your download links to the app
Once you have completed step 2, then devise your tweet and insert your website URL containing the download links to both iOS/Android as per the example in step 1, if your website URL is too long then shorten it to save space.  Use Google website URL shortener  Don’t worry if you don’t have a download page on your website, simply insert the website links directly in the app store and google play, ideally, your website should be promoting your app. For example; East Goscote Parish Council.

4. Use image and videos
Tweets with pictures get more retweets than those without. Period. If you’re trying to promote your organisation, using images with your tweets is the easiest way to get more eyeballs on your content.

5. Encourage Sharing
The great thing about social media is its power to spread information quickly. By encouraging your followers and friends on social media to share information about the benefits of your app, they will have a greater potential to spread virally and reach new audiences.


Twitter - Promote app

What next?

Within several hours, you should experience more app downloads, simply monitor the analytics conveniently using the skipper tool on your mobile, instead of the CMS.  Those who have a website with us, will notice a spike in website visitors to your download page using our website statistics.


General tips for promoting your app

  1. Fundamental without any effort, your website in the first instance should display the app with its download links to the app stores, using the images we have provided. See an example of East Goscote Parish Council website.
  2. Include the app store logos (hyperlinked) in the footer of your emails and your website.
  3. Include QR codes or app store logos to any printed local newsletters.
  4. Exploit the local press, it’s still newsworthy.
  5. Posters in main public locations, i.e libraries, local shops etc.
  6. Use Social Media, it’s easy and hugely effective.

If you don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account, then please ask someone to tweet or share on your behalf,  but ask someone with lots of followers in your area, they are likely to be quite Twitter savvy.




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