We are excited to announce the launch of the new parish council app for the parish of East Goscote in Leicestershire. The App Office worked with the Parish clerk on the design and implementation of the app, including training and offering marketing material support to help them manage and promote their Parish app. As featured in the Melton Times.

Why a Parish Council app?

It is now a fact that more people use mobile devices to browse the internet and use mobile apps. This led to the Parish council wanting to leverage the power of mobile devices in delivering information and services in a more accessible, engaging and convenient way.

The app is interactive with key functions to allow access to information ‘on demand’, so residents can engage with parish representatives and the wider local community whilst ‘on the go’ and in the comfort of their home or office. In essence, the parish app will encourage greater communication and links, as well as bringing a service which can extend beyond their website presence.

Imagine you are taking the dog for a walk and you spot vandalism; you can instantly submit a photo via the app with a few clicks. Another example is when the Parish needs to make an important announcement, it can send a push notification that instantly appears on a mobile phone.


Main Features of the Parish App

calendar   Events – Information & promotion of the latest local events

08_notification-128  Push Notifications – Instant alerts for key events, news or issues

small-photo-camera_318-10961  Submit photo – Report issues or events ‘on the go’

1386718715_88  Councillor info – Meetings, agenda & reports

images  Bookings – Live Tennis court bookings for registered members

black-white-metro-newspaper-icon  News & Info – Local news, Long Furrow magazine, village facilities & more

history   Custom forms – Hall bookings, fault reporting, surveys, etc

Plus many more features…


If you would like an app for your parish, get in touch with us.

Follow the link below for a live demo and more info on the Parish app.

Info. https://theappoffice.com/community-app-council-app

Read the article in Melton Times. Click here.

See also the local community magazine. Click here.

More details on East Goscote Parish Council. Click here.



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