The App Office announces the launch a new web product mobile called Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), a truly future-proof app solution that works across all mobile devices without the hassle of the App Store(s).  The issues of launching an app were becoming more problematic in terms of app store policies and cost prohibitive, however native apps are still affordable, but PWA now offer low barrier to enter the app world at an extremely low cost and this is why we have now launched a spin off site called, allowing non-technical business and organisations to create their own progressive web app.

PWAs offer a similar functionality of native apps with the latest in browser technology to provide far superior mobile web experience over mobile-friendly websites and can engage more users. Because PWAs live on the web, there’s no need be on the App Store to approve, it’s instant.

Great news for Windows phone users who can share the experience of PWA that is now gaining momentum. PWA represents a game changer as more mobile devices can access web mobile sites and have a similar app like experience.  Ideal for small businesses who cannot afford native apps and who can now use web app builders like who are focussing on allowing anyone to build PWA.  Now that Apple will soon release service worker I think PWA is the next best thing that will keep most businesses and customers happy, not perfect but leaves fewer people out of the app world.

PWA is widely considered by industry experts to be the future of the mobile platform and offer the best of both worlds alternative to mobile websites and native apps. Google, who has backed  PWAs since 2015, have shows that PWAs offer huge technical benefits over native apps, load faster, no installation required and can be easily saved on the home screen and Debenhams PWA has proved the concept as the mobile conversions have increased by 27%.

For those of you with a current iOS/Android app, you will be offered a PWA at low cost as a loyal customer.

If you would like just a web app and not a iOS or Android app, then please visit

About The App Office
Founded in 2015, is a pioneer producing apps on behalf of small organisations including businesses, with clients from councils and neighbourhood watch. We build native iOS and Android apps and our client can update and manage their apps without any coding or technical skills with a very low monthly subscription.

Visit for more information about the benefits of PWA’s.

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