A mobile app is a superb tool to keep pupils and parents highly engaged and connected with their school.  Schools can really benefit from having a mobile app and utilise it as a key communication tool.  It’s far more effective than email and more engaging.

Schools are often at the heart of their local community and having the ability to instantly connect with pupils and parents can be of huge benefit. Let’s have a look at the many ways a mobile app can be of benefit.

  1. Push messages– Sending out free push notifications to all the pupils and parents about upcoming events, news and parents evenings without having to send out letters.
  2. Class Timetables– The school will be able to list class timetables within the app, helping to keep pupils and parents up to date with their lessons each week.
  3. Events– The key events of the school year can be listed within the app. Pupils and parents can then view upcoming events and add these to their phone calendar and set reminders.
  4. School Shop– Pupils and parents will have the convenience of being able to purchase their uniforms and sports kit directly through the app whilst on the move.
  5. Bookings– Pupils, parents and the local community will be able to book school facilities, such as sports pitches or the dining hall for private functions with ease directly through the app.
  6. Lunch Menu– This is a great way to keep pupils and parents up to date as to what is on offer in the school canteen throughout the year.
  7. Absentee Forms– This is a feature that will give parents the ease of notifying the school of pupil illness and can help reduce unauthorised absences.
  8. Social Media– Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to create a ‘buzz’ about the school. With a mobile app, the school can engage pupils and parents on Facebook and Twitter, which can help raise the profile of the school.
  9. Gallery– Another great way for pupils and parents to engage with the school would be for them to upload photos from school trips and sports events directly through the app.
  10. Newsletter– Pupils and parents are able to subscribe to the school email newsletter, keeping them up to date with the latest news.

Building a mobile app is easy to do, but building the right mobile app for your school is something that we have an expertise in.

We can build a school app within 21 days. Contact us today, we offer the most competitive package with an advanced app that will even make ofstead proud.

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