Congratulations to our clients, who won the 2018 Rural Service Award at the annual Rural Community Council awards ceremony held in Leicester on the 11th October 2018.

Rutland Neighbourhood Watch (RNHW) is a network of approximately 100 autonomous groups of varying size, whose joint mission is ‘to Unite the community against crime’. Driven by the fact that Neighbourhood Watch had become dated and lacked relevance to modern technology-based lifestyles, two retired volunteers worked for a year with ‘The App Office‘ to develop a smartphone and tablet app providing everyone (not just NHW members) with a ‘one stop shop’ for Rutland living. Available free from Google and Apple app stores, the app provides police alerts, local news, traffic and weather updates, crime prevention information, and details of local services (Council, Doctors, Dentists, Vets, Transport etc). Remaining true to its origins, the app also provides over 1300 users with fast links to the Emergency Services and support services for victims of crime (Victim Support, Domestic Violence, Childline, etc).


Watch the video below to see Ivan Annibal of Rose Regeneration Engine, founders of the Social Value Engine, announce Rutland Neighbourhood Watch App as the 2018 category winners.


For more information on the Winner please visit

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