You are in the fitness industry – you could be a personal trainer, own a gym or teach fitness courses like Zumba to the public from a village hall. How could you use an app with push notifications to drive your business?

That’s an easy one! Apps are perfect for businesses that rely heavily on repeat customers, and our amazing in-app loyalty scheme makes increasing customer retention incredibly easy. Combined with powerful push notifications, you can send all your most important messages and special deals straight to your clients’ phones. (They’re faster and more effective than marketing emails!)

How could someone in the fitness industry use push notifications to their advantage? There are so many ways that push notifications can work for you, but let’s discuss just a few.

Scenario 1
Let’s say you are starting a new class and need to get the word out and the slots filled.

Remember our support page and video articles will show you how to send push notifications!

“New class – Hip Hop Aerobics starting next Thursday 7PM! Quote the app when you book for 25% off!”

Scenario 2

Monday classes always have the worst turnout. No surprise there, but you can use push notifications to try and get attendance up!

“Come to any Monday class and get 2 loyalty stamps instead of 1! Get closer to your next free class!”

Scenario 3

Now let’s say you’re sick and all you want to do is drink tea and watch television. You’ve got to cancel all your classes for the day, ideally as fast as possible.

“Jill’s Sunday classes and sessions have all been CANCELLED due to illness! Be ready for next week! “

Clever, huh?!

Remember, there are many ways to promote your app, so it’s downloaded on your customer’s phone ready for you to start doing marketing campaigns. See our FAQ’s.

The app does more than just send messages, customers can book, reserve or even pay all in advance.

Not got an app yet? Want to start pushing powerful messages to your customer base? Just contact us.

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