Loyalty schemes are now moving out of wallets and into smart phones. As mentioned on our features page, Starbucks app proved a massive hit and their main focus was the loyalty feature. Read full article here.

In the current economic climate, customer retention is critical to any small business and loyalty schemes are the best way of achieving this.

One of the biggest problems with stamp cards is that customers end up with 5 or 6 different cards in their wallet and eventually give up. Giving customers the ability to have their loyalty card within an app will keep your customers coming back.

Customers who interact with businesses on their mobile phone tend to be more loyal because mobiles are personal devices and so the loyalty feature itself will generate greater loyalty as its always at hand.

Mobile loyalty features are able to make up for lost sales and the poor performance of traditional loyalty cards. This is because they are able to reach customers throughout their purchase cycle.

There are other huge benefits to small businesses by going mobile with their loyalty programmes, such as giving the business the ability to gain wider coverage of their programme, a reduction in the cost of administrating the loyalty programme by making it paper and card free.

Never forget that customers always have their phones with them and therefore the programme can be updated in real time. By using push notifications to promote the loyalty feature, it will further enhance the customer experience and will finally prove that paper cards should be confined to history.

Overall, loyalty features are the best way of keeping customers coming back for more and helping to retain your customer base will only increase a small business’ bottom line.

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