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Popular Video Tutorials

We are in the process of updating our videos after a recent platform upgrade, however the new dashboard does look similar to before and the instructions on the videos will give you a good idea, on how to build and manage your app.

Send Push Nottifications

Learn how to send instant messages that pop up on your customer’s phone.

Manage your App

Learn how to manage your app and watch an example of a feature change made to specific tabs.

Background Images

This useful video will show how to add and manage your background images for all device types.

Ad- Why a Mobile App

Our feature advertisement, recommends why our mobile app is good for your business.

Add an Info Tab

A step-by-step video showing you how to add and populate an Info tab, useful for many business reasons.

Add an Events Tab

This video demonstrates how to add an events tab, which is a popular feature amongst churches, clubs, gyms, pubs and schools.

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