iRespect Android Beta Version

Draft – for Client eyes only – do not share link

Key short videos to assist with sign-off.


Project – iRespect Android App 

Before you install the latest July 2020 version of iRespect from Google Play, follow the steps below to uninstall the older version if applicable.

  1. Delete all Games.  Go to Menu > Games > Click  ‘Saved Game’ and delete. Repeat for each game.
  2. Next, uninstall the app, as a precaution to clear space, then restart the phone.


If you have already deleted the previous version,  check you have above 10 GB of free space, however 5-10 GB is adequate for a smaller test.  Most Android 9  phones should have plenty.

Or,  search for the app ‘my files’, ‘files’ or ‘folder’, on your phone, navigate to internal storage or folders, locate the folder ‘Oedeispect’ and delete it.


To install the app launch the link 

Note: Make sure all other apps are closed in the background, and your phone is near fully charged.

Requirements –  Android 9 /10,  3 GB RAM, High performing CPU.  At least 10 GB free space, more is better for processing purposes.


How to install iRespect 

Accept all permissions

Activate ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) – Follow the onscreen instructions or manually enable in app settings.



Activate ‘Panic Alarm’

Go to app settings, edit/enter your details and enable.


Record, Activate Panic and Tag

Click Record, whilst recording you can hit Tag to remember a Time Point, to refer back later.  Panic can be activated anytime.

When you stop recording, wait a couple of minutes to allow the app to save recording.

Note: Do not hit the home button during recording/saving this will disrupt the process.



Clip tag and Upload

From the menu > Games > Saved Games

Finely tweak your existing Tag according to your notes, max is 3 mins, ideally 1-2 mins for optimised processing.

Wait this will take a few minutes to process for it to encrypt before uploading.

Note: Do not hit the home button this will disrupt the process.


Add a New Tag

From Saved Games you can create new tags if required.

If you noted your incident, create a New Tag point 1 minute before the incident.  Again, max is 3 mins, ideally 1-2 mins for optimised processing.

Wait this will take a few minutes to process.


Check on Server

Log onto to your member server database and view the files from the Video menu on the left.