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"The app has made itself at the heart of the community" - Jon Parkes - S.C Center

Success Story - Parents loved Park Ridge Childcare App

Park Ridge gave parents the reassurance that they have the child’s best interests at heart.


visited the Events tab


regularly checked messages


app downloads by parents

 Park Ridge Childcare App |  Most Engaging Features

On average most childcare places have at least 12 app features, from our list of 25+ features. 25+ features.

Instant Pop-Up Messages

An essential tool in getting important messages, alerts and key events across to parents in the most effective way.

News Tab

The News tab has been utilised to inform parents of the latest news, events, etc. So no last minute surprises for parents.

Events Tab

This useful tab contained special day events at the centre so parents were well prepared for the children’s activities.

Promoting The App

The centre advertised to parents the advantages of downloading their mobile app and parents responded positively.

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