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progressive web apps

6 Key Reasons Why Progressive Web Apps help your business

1. Reach a Larger Audience With a Progressive web app, you can tap into a wider audience on any device. Progressive web apps showcase your portfolio, online store, services and much more. Since progressive web apps are receptive and compatible … Read More

Rural Service Award Winners – Rutland NHW

Congratulations to our clients, who won the 2018 Rural Service Award at the annual Rural Community Council awards ceremony held in Leicester on the 11th October 2018. Rutland Neighbourhood Watch (RNHW) is a network of approximately 100 autonomous groups of varying size, whose … Read More

Rural Service Award finalists

Our Rutland Neighbourhood App has been shortlisted in one of the six main categories called ‘Rural Service Award’, with the overall winners of each category to be revealed at a celebration dinner to be held from 7pm on Thursday 11th October … Read More

Promotional Kit

Promotional Kit – Marketing Your App Congrats on taking your app live! This is a huge milestone, you should be proud. You’re probably thinking, “What’s the next step?” Now, it’s time to promote your app and spread the word about … Read More

PSV Innovation Award for Neighbourhood Watch App

Congratulations to our NHW Client who won an Innovation Award with an app we created for Hinckley NHW. Jackie Saunt the NHW co-ordinator for Hinckley, Leices, won a PSV Innovation Award sponsored by @RidersBball. She worked with us together with … Read More

Progressive web apps are part of the mobile future

Over time mobile technology has evolved as it tends to do.  It began with mobile friendly websites several years ago, however, they these really didn’t do much besides having“call us” button. Then came responsive websites, which basically takes a website and makes … Read More

Custom Domain for your web app (PWA)

How to set up a Custom Domain for your web app (PWA) 1. Set up the entry in DNS for the Custom Domain The entry MUST be a CNAME pointing to webapp.pwahosting.com. “ALIAS” records do not work at this time.  … Read More


It is high time that you must start considering creating your website & mobile app that can uplift your business growth. We all know that mobile industry has been booming ever since it was introduced to human race. With billions … Read More

Why I need a cookie policy & privacy notice?

A cookie policy is a declaration to your users on what cookies are active on your website, what user data they track, for what purpose, and where in the world this data is sent. Also, a cookie policy should contain … Read More

Twitter – Easiest way to promote your app

For any non-profit organisation, social media is an incredibly powerful tool to get the word out about the benefits of your app.  After all, you’re not selling a product, but something that will benefit your community so it’s easier to … Read More