PAYG App Reseller Plan

Re-sell Amazing Mobile & Progressive Web Apps

First Class Reseller Program

Your flexible PAYG PWA plan

For reseller A.Escolar use only.

Pay As You Go

Ideal for small startups who would like to profit from growing organically. As you grow you will qualify for even better discounts.

Additional apps ordered will be added to your existing monthly subscription plan in accordance with your agreed pricing plan.

PWA Pricing Plan

Option to update PWA to iOS/Android app.



  • 5 x Progressive Web Apps

  • £9 per native app to upgrade PWA
  • All Features Available
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited downloads
  • SSL Secure
  • Subdomain & SEO abilties
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • NEW - Single Push Notifications
  • Customer & Sales console
  • Marketing materials
  • + Online Training
  • Email, Chat & Tel Support Only
  • (Optional design service from £150)
  • (Option to upgrade to a native app £9 per app a month)
  • *Further discounts apply with more apps ordered.

Apple Store - The iOS version of your application is reviewed and published by us, under your own or your client's developer account. Our team will review your app before it is submitted to the app store. The publication process is billed at £175 per iOS app submission. If not successful you will be offered a full refund and we aim to complete the review process within 48 business hours.

Note: Only Android Push Notifications are available for progressive web apps (PWA). However, Apple is due to release service manager that will allow push notification on PWA's. Native apps are unaffected.

*£9 per native app if you wish to upgrade your PWA to iOS/Android. Which means £18 if you require both iOS/Android. *For further app discounts refer to your agreed plan.

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