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‘The UK is now a smartphone society’ Ofcom


‘82% of adults own a smartphone’ Ofcom


‘More people access the internet using a mobile device’


‘Apps are more popular than websites’ theguardian

As featured in The Clerk magazine

Read about East Goscote’s Mobile App – A Parish council first!

The article mentions why the mobile app would benefit the parish council by promoting transparency, accountability & encouraging community participation.

The Witney App: Case Study

Witney Town Council are featured in The Clerk magazine after the successful launch of their app over a year ago. The app has become part of their communications strategy as an innovative way to engage with communities in today’s mobile world.

 The Council App |  Top Features

Push Notifications - Instant Messaging

An effective way to instantly notify residents of news & events.

Events Tab

Residents can find out the latest events and save them to their calendar.

Fault Reporting

Allows residents to report issues in the neighbourhood whilst on the go.

Submit Photos

Residents can instantly send photos that may be of interest to the clerk.

General Info

View councillors, meetings, reports, essential contacts and much more.

Newsfeed with Twitter Integration

Keep residents informed with the latest news and tweets.

Points of Interest

Residents and visitors can find GPS directions to local places.

Plus many more features...

Integrate your Facebook & Twitter with our advanced Push Notification system

3rd Party Integrations

26 Service Providers – For a full list click here.

"The Push Notifications feature is an amazing way to connect and engage with our residents"

Liz Pizer (Clerk to East Goscote)


East Goscote Parish Council App

The App Office are proud to have produced the first Parish council app as headlined in The Clerk magazine. Read the full article here.

The clerk at East Goscote worked with us in developing the template for an innovative parish council app that has now set the standard. The solution allows clerks to update the app securely via any web browser and can also incorporate websites and social media.

With over 25 features to choose from and new ones under development, we are confident our app solution will remain the best on the market.

Download the app and review its features.


Push Notifications

10x more effective than email
Appears instantly as a pop up message
Great for news alerts and promoting events
Attach information to your instant messages
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Mobile Friendly Websites - Now Available!

We now offer mobile friendly responsive websites that are ideal for viewing on any mobile phone or tablet. Our website solution can be integrated with our mobile app platform. For more information visit our website page click here.